Semi-finished contact mater­ials

Contact products for reliable switching operation

The main tasks of switching electrical contacts are to close and open electrical circuits, in the closed stage to transmit electrical signals without distortion, and to carry currents with the least amount of energy losses. In their wide range of applications silver based contact materials have to meet different requirements which cannot all be fulfilled by pure silver. The development of alloys made by melt-metallurgical processes and powder metallurgical composite materials broadened the range of properties of silver based materials significantly. This offers the user a wider spectrum of silver materials, optimized for a variety of application requirements.

Areas of application


Wires from silver and silver alloys (i.e. AgNi0.15, AgCu3, AgPd30), and powder metallurgical silver-based materials (i.e. Ag/Ni, Ag/SnO , Ag/ZnO) are manufactured by extrusion and subsequent drawing and annealing process steps. They are the starting material for the manufacture of a variety of contact parts and components.


All technologies shown are utilized in SAXONIA group and we offer any required depth of manufacturing integration.

Contact tips

Flat or shaped contact tips, welded or brazed to contact carriers, are widely used in higher power electrical switching devices. Depending on the contact material and specific shapes these tips are produced by various manufacturing technologies. The most frequently used ones are:

The most frequently used ones are:


Miniature profiles, also called miniprofiles or weld tapes, are used in relays, switches, pushbuttons, miniature motors and positioning actuators as reliable contact components. They consist of a solid contact material or are composed of multiple precious metal and base metal layers.
The use of mini-profiles has the following advantages:
  • Precious metal savings: Optimum control of contact size and layer thickness of the contact material within small dimensional tolerances
  • Design options: Miniprofiles can closely match the application with shape and contact material combinations
  • Economics: Miniprofiles can be used for seam-welding in rolling direction of carrier strip material or for horizontal welding of profile/tape segments.

Contact Rivets

DODUCO ESPAÑA manufactures solid, composite bimetal and trimetal contact rivets for relays and all kinds of switching devices for the measurement and control of electricity.


On over 100 different rivet manufacturing machines, including internally developed cold and hot bonding machines, we produce about 1.5 billion rivets annually for customers around the world. In addition we supply DODUCO’s internal stamped parts production with contact rivets.

As contact materials we use:
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